Life of regional media
in times of military censorship
Editors, media owners, media and defense lawyers talk about what happened to Russian regional journalism after February 24.

As part of the project, the participants speak to everyone who wants to know today and remember tomorrow how the clash between state propaganda and independent media unfolded.

Adoption of laws restricting media activities, loss of income, blocking of online outlets, criminal persecution of journalists, relocation of media outlets… How did it take place? What will happen tomorrow? This is what the 18 project participants speak about.
Stories of regional media
Heads of editorial teams from Belgorod to Sakhalin talk about their work before the war, their life after February 24 and points of no return for media. Self-censorship, pressure, blocking, persecution — how did it all unfold?
Video interviews
Does it make sense to work under strict censorship? How to ensure the safety of journalists? Who reads regional newspapers today? Evidence of the events that divided the history of media into "before" and "after" forever.
Bound by Words is a project implemented by three teams. The Tomsk news agency TV2, the Saint Petersburg media Bumaga ( and Editor-22 have teamed up in order to comprehend what happened to the Russian regional media after February 24. The stories of our participants come from all over Russia and show how the government is establishing a monopoly on the truth.